Variety of program for kids

    From ages 6 though 14



    Striking style known as

    "The Art of 8 limbs"



    The grappling style famous

    For its effectiveness



    Afternoon classes for home schooled children



    Train with this MMA legend

    Exclusively at Yamasaki Woodbridge



    Train with the most successful

    MMA team in the area




Not your standard martial arts gym

“We are not your standard Martial Arts gym. Think of us more like a research institute constantly trying to find what works and what does not when it comes to combat sports and self-defense. The Academy is our experimentation lab where we can try new things in an ego-free, team environment with people we trust. Our test lab is the combat sport tournament, shooting tournament, match, or fight in which we choose to compete against other skilled opponents. This is where we truly start to learn how to implement what we have learned. These things we do are NOT easy, and we will NOT dumb it down. The value would be lost. Your rewards here will be earned. It will change you. This I can promise you.

Come try us out and see how we are different. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.”

Joe Cunningham

Owner, Head Coach
Joe Cunningham

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frequently asked questions

Please visit our COVID 19 page for more information on exactly how we are dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Our Beginners Packages pricing can be found here:
Beginners Packages

Our monthly memberships for more advanced students is as follows:
Membership Available Classes Classes/Week Cost
3 Classes/Week or Less Beginners and Advanced BJJ/Judo and Muay Thai Up to 3/week in person $150/month
3 Classes/Week or Less PLUS Beginners and Advanced BJJ/Judo and Muay Thai + Virtual Classes Up to 3/week in person + unlimited virtual $165/month
Unlimited BJJ/Judo and Muay Thai Beginners and Advanced BJJ/Judo and Muay Thai Unlimited in person $200/month
Unlimited BJJ/Judo and Muay Thai PLUS Beginners and Advanced BJJ/Judo and Muay Thai + Virtual Classes Unlimited in person & virtual $215/month

If you are a beginning student with little to no prior experience and purchased a Groupon for Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge you get 10 classes for any of our Adult/Youth Basics classes or the Adult Fundamentals classes. Those classes are good for 30 days from the first class attended.

Experienced Students

Already belted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or have Muay Thai experience? The Groupon is a great way to check us out and see if this will be your new home. Try 10 of any of our classes, Basics or Advanced, for 30 days of your first attended class.
Absolutely. We don't care what gym you are currently training under, what patch is on your gi, what color your gi is (yes, apparently that can matter) or who you fight for, everyone is welcome to train. For single visits we do not charge a mat fee. For multiple visits we may collect a small fee. If you are in town specifically for a tournament and need a place to get some work in you are 100% welcome as well, no mat fee.
Whatever belt you are currently wearing will be honored at Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge. All gyms have different criteria for promoting students. Even if you may not have been eligible for your rank at our gym, we will trust your former coaches decision to rank you. We will take it upon ourselves to help you feel comfortable with your belt level at our location if you feel a discrepancy. So please wear your BJJ rank belt to our BJJ classes or your Judo rank belt if we are doing a Judo class.
We have an entire program designed specifically for beginning students, adult or youth. We have Grappling Basics classes that go over fundamentals of wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We also have our Striking Basics classes that cover the essentials of boxing and Muay Thai. There are multiple membership and pricing options for these programs as well to fit your needs. Now there's no excuse to not get yourself, your child, or even your spouse in here and start your training!

Click here for our Beginners options for Adults

Click here for our Beginners options for Kids
In general, it is best to bring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for your first class. Anything you don’t mind getting a little sweaty, because we will make you sweat! For the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, if you own a Kimono or Gi please bring it. If not, we have spares you can use. Fundamentals students come in shorts and T-Shirt, we can provide any uniforms or equipment needed for the classes.
For all classes we recommend a mouthpiece and groin protection. For the Muay Thai, we have spare boxing gloves, shin pads but we recommend bringing your own if you have it. We also have pads you can borrow. For the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes we have spare uniforms you may use if you do own one.

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