Gear for the holidays

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Oscar wins again at TCB 17!

Oscar wins at Thai Championship Boxing 17

Oscar Jimenez won again at the Thai Championship Boxing 17 event this past Saturday, November 10th 2018.  He faced his toughest opponent yet, Nazar Mazurkevych, from Pentagon MMA and won a split decision after 3 hard fought rounds.  We are very proud of Oscar's continued success and look forward to watching this rising star.

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Oscar fights this Saturday at TCB 18

Oscar Jimenez will be fighting this Saturday, November 10th, at the TCB 18 event in Sterling, VA.  This will be Oscar’s second Muay Thai fight having won his first fight via TKO in Round 1.  Oscar is now a 6-0 fighter overall in MMA and Muay Thai and hasn’t seen round two yet!  We hope to see his amazing competition streak continue this weekend!  Go get ’em Oscar!

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Congratulations newly promoted BJJ students!

Big congratulations to all the Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge students promoted Saturday, November 3rd 2018! Tony Ippolito and Derrick Mejia to blue, Tim Shriner and Justin Ladson to purple and Scott Sperling to Black Belt!

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