Yves Edwards available for private lessons

We are super proud announce that Yves Edwards is now available for private lessons exclusively here at Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge! Yves is a legend in the sport of MMA having started fighting professionally in 1997. He retired in 2014 with a staggering 64 MMA fights including 22 in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). Known as one of the most well-rounded fighters to ever grace the sport, Yves won 16 fights by knockout, 17 by submission and 9 by decision. Yves holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from American Top Team.

To contact Yves about scheduling a private lesson, use our Contact Form on his coaches page here:

Yves Edwards

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Cagezilla 60
2-0 at Cagezilla 60

Huge congratulations to Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge MMA fighters Zaquane Corbin and Christian Esquilin for their victories at Cagezilla 60 Saturday, February 29th 2020! Our first fight was Zaquane against Zack Mitchell out of MMA Institute of Harrisonburg, VA at 135 lbs. We are always happy to get on a card with Rick McCoy’s MMA Institute team as they represent some of the best MMA fighting around and always do it with class. The first round was fairly even on the feet until Zaquane landed a good knee and followed Zack down onto the ground. From there Zack showed his great groundwork with a lot of armbar attempts that Zaquane managed to squeak out of and land good damage in return with punches and elbows. Round two saw much of the same with Zaquane showing a slight edge in the striking game and was able to ground-and-pound his was through Zack’s guard on the ground. Round 3 stayed mostly on the feet where Zaquane was able to land good kicks and knees and show excellent control in the clinch game. Zaquane showed little fatigue and cruised to a unanimous 30-27 decision for the win.

Our second fight was one that I am sure people will be talking about for a long time. Christian Esquilin matched up against Barry Carpenter from Team XCWT out of Norfolk, VA for a 155 lb title contender fight. With Christian 1-0 and Barry at 2-0 in MMA having won both of his fights in the first round we knew this fight would be a barn burner! Barry came out full speed ahead and was able to dominate the first round with a flurry of activity, as we had (luckily) gameplanned. But Christian was able to secure a solid back mount position in the remaining 10 seconds of the fight and land a series of clean shots. As round 2 commenced Christian was able to slow the game down a bit and start stalking his opponent. Suddenly in the middle of the round Barry turned and walked to his corner and got sick in the cage which is an automatic disqualification in Cagezilla. Christian Esquilin wins and gets his shot at the 155 lb title fight! Not the best way to win a fight, but we will take it.

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