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At Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge our MMA Program is for people with a desire to fight and is designed for students with some fundamental knowledge of striking and/or grappling.  As such we expect our MMA Fighters to participate in all the classes offered at the Academy and participate in every type of competition available to us including BJJ tournaments, Judo tournaments, Muay Thai fights, and Wrestling tournaments.  A student must meet certain minimum eligibility requirements before being invited to join the MMA Fight Team including having competed in other Combat Sports before they can be eligible for a fight.  Being a member of the MMA Fight Team not only means you can be eligible for fights, but it also brings with it certain privileges such as discounts on equipment and merchandise.

We know what it takes to be a fighter in today’s growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts from throwing the proper left hook, all the way to managing fighters to be the best they can be.  Our current stable of fighters have participated and held belts in events such as Gladiator Fight Club, Lights Out Combat, Washington Combat, DC; Max, EFC, Mix it Up Sports, BattleFC and OO Fights.

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