train from anywhere

Virtual Training Options

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of change to Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge. Our doors were forced closed for 3 months, but we refused to let that be the end of the fight. Instead we are adapting and finding ways to bringr more options and services. We are investing in technologies that allow us to offer an unprecedented amount of virtual services to our students. Our coaches and instructors are dedicated to working with students in a variety of settings and in a variety of ways.

Streaming Services

Can't attend a class in person? We have three cameras covering every square inch of the Academy training area so you won't miss a thing if you unable to attend. With every instructional class and sparring class being recorded, you can rewind an entire days worth of content.

Virtual Classes

More than just watching a class, many of our classes offer video conferencing through Zoom. This allows you to be seen and heard from wherever you are training as though you were in person with us at the Academy.

Video Digital Storage

Want to view specific classes you attended? We keep up to 30 days worth of recorded classes in the cloud for you to access. Very popular with competitors and fighters who want to review their sparring sessions.

Video Private Lessons

Our coaches and instructors are now available to work with you from anywhere! Virtual private classes allows you to get one-on-one attention from our coaches from the comfort of your own home.

Video Breakdown and Analysis

With all this video access why not put it to use? Our coaches and instructors are ready to breakdown your training and competition videos and provide feedback and analysis to help you get better faster. Remotely!